[WATCH] Marvy J.’s Blog: The Museum of Ice Cream Made My Life

Now I know, you know the ending to this phrase: “I scream, you scream, we all scream for…” RIGHT?

My cousin told me about a traveling, seasonal museum that made it’s way from New York, to Los Angeles, and now to San Francisco. I said, “What kind of museum?,” she replied, “It’s all about ice cream…”

My response: I AM IN.

When I realized I had to purchase a ticket months in advance, and when I was put into a cue to wait on the website and not to refresh it, a la COMIC-CON style…..I knew that this was going to be a big deal. Seemed ridiculous, but I KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO BE SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL.

Also, I happened to go the day after the Kardashians went to the museum. So I felt like I was a big deal, even though I’m not. Soon, I found out Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Fergie, Katy Perry, and BEYONCE have also gone! Now I truly feel like I was a big deal LOL!

The Museum of Ice Cream was a DREAM COME TRUE. It was childhood imaginations brought to reality, tastings of actual ice cream IN EVERY ROOM INSTALLATION that not only melted in my mouth, but melted my heart, and it was vibrant and interactive. Plain and simple, IT WAS HELLA FUN AND I WISH I LIVED THERE!

Take a peek through this video of what went down at the Museum of Ice Cream:

I KNOW you wanna dive right into that sprinkle pool right?! Check out some photos:

Celebrity Stars Ice Cream Style

Me being extra as usual

Me making bananas look high fashion

@drew3v literally giving the museum LIFE

My cousins and sister!

And the HUGE NEWS just announced… MOIC is extending it’s stay in Los Angeles until December!!! They were supposed to pack up and leave, but because it’s such a hit they’ve officially extended and tickets went on sale TODAY! Head to museumoficecream.com, check out the deets on their IG: @museumoficecream, and book your visit!

Keep on slayin,

Marvy J.

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