Marvy J.’s Blog: FilAmFest 2017 in Paradise Hills

Hope you had a good weekend Energy Fam!

Last Saturday I had the honor to be on of the Emcees for San Diego’s Filipino American Arts and Cultural Festival, also known as FilAmFest. Performances, recognizing Filipino leaders, workshops and booths, and of course all the food!

On their website, they describe the festival as a one-day event showcasing the proud history, culture and amazing talents of the Filipino Community. FilAmFest celebrates the accomplishments that the Filipino-Americans contribute to the San Diego community and the United States as a whole.

I got to kick off the festival hosting and I had a blast! I had the opportunity to introduce some incredibly talented Filipinos here in San Diego, and got to meet so many sweet people in the community who support the Philippine arts, culture, and talents right here in our hometown.

I even had a moment when someone pulled me aside and said “Please keep doing what you do—- you’re making a lot of Filipinos proud”. If you know me, I’m a big baby so I practically cried LOL. It was so humbling because I am blessed to be where I am, and do what I do… as a Filipino American. So as we say in Tagalog, maraming salamat—- thank you so much.


My good friend and SD Newscaster, Melissa Mecija

Ferchil Ramos, the guy behind A LOT of FilAmFest!

My sis and Fil-Am leader, Kat!

Choreographers/Dance Masters and my best friends, Gemma and Matt

My night show neighbor down the hallway, fellow Fil-Am in radio, Sherry Knight!

Some of the beautiful faces from PASACAT Philippine Performing Arts Company! (Whom I love so much because I’ve been a member of PASACAT since 2009!)


Happy Filipino American History Month!



Keep slayin’,


Marvy J.

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