[WATCH] Cardi B Calls Out ‘Racist’ Hotel After Marijuana Incident

Cardi B claims that an Albany, N.Y. hotel made a giant mistake of kicking her out of her hotel room because they thought they smelt marijuana coming from her room.

After several guests complained of the smell of weed near their room, the hotel manager made the decision to remove Cardi B and her guests from the hotel without any actual evidence of any marijuana. This led to Cardi B throwing shots at the hotel staff as she went on a tirade on Instagram, going as far as to call the hotel staff “racist.”

With no proof, I gotta say that we are on Cardi B’s side on this one. This Albany hotel needs to take a step back and appreciate the fact that FREAKIN’ CARDI B is staying in their hotel.

C’mon, bruh.



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