Alexia gets crafty for Halloween

I have always wanted to be the Corpse Bride from the Tim Burton movie for Halloween for like ever it seems. But… I always said I would only do it under one condition, that I do it right!

My bestie Christy Martinez who is a professional makeup artist did a Corpse Bride makeup tutorial for me 🙂

I ordered a flower crown of etsy from

I purchased a wedding dress off of OfferUp which I painting AND WILL BE cutting up.

I ordered a blue wig on amazon.

Then I decided to hit Michael’s to make a legit spooky bouquet and it was so easy!

Spooky Bouquet Supplies:

Flowers from Michaels
Floral Tape from Michaels
Butterflies from Michaels
Skull template from
Spiders from the 99 Cent Store
Hot Glue Gun
and a random skull I had.


Step 1: Gather flowers together
Step 2: Place the butterflies in the bouquet
Step 3: Tape them together with the floral tape
Step 4: Glue skulls on the butterflies
Step 5: Glue spiders on the flowers
Step 6: Glue the skull in the bouquet.

And bam! You have a Spooky Bouquet for Halloween!

I will post a pic of my costume once its all finished 🙂

Happy Halloween!

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