Trailer For ‘I, Tonya’ The Tonya Harding Story


Get ready to relive one of the most gleefully scandalous moments of the 90’s in I, Tonya, the new Tonya Harding biopic starring Margot Robbie.

In the trailer Robbie does a bang-up job of bringing to life Tonya Harding, and even making a sympathetic character out of the disgraced figure skater, best known for conspiring to, literally, break her competition (Nancy Kerrigan) with a police club to the knee.

The movie gives a lot of backstory, giving us glimpses into the hard-knocks life of Harding who grew up under the domineering thumb of her psychotically competitive mom/coach, played by Allison Janney.

We are successfully driven further down the rabbit hole as we watch the blossoming romance between Harding’s co-conspirator and now ex-husband Jeff Gilooly.

We didn’t think it possible to make this real-life figure skating drama any more colorful, but the trailer promises to prove us wrong.

We can’t wait to watch this movie, which is set to release Dec. 8.

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