Tonya’s 10 Favorite Gifts From Oprah’s Favorite Things List

So if you don’t know, I’m OBSESSED with Oprah. Her, her network, her magazine, her new food line (I haven’t even tried it but lets be honest, it’s Oprah so I’ll LOVE it haha), and of course I’m always OBSESSED with her FAVORITE THINGS LIST! Every year Oprah comes out with a list of things she TOTALLY recommends to give as gifts to yourself or your loved ones for Christmas. Of course I think everything she suggests are amazing gifts, but here is my list of MY 10 favorite things from Oprah’s Favorite Things List of 2017:

THIS IS THE FUTURE! Alexa has a new home and it’s in the Echo Show! Not only can you ask Alexa to do things for you, you can see these things too through video! And you can also video chat with a friend if they have one too so it’s like a FaceTime UPGRADE!
How cute is this! This would be a sweet gift for a child. This book has 12 different letters that kids write in to talk about their stories, maybe write about who and what they’ll become when they grow up, draw pictures etc… and when they’re older they can go back and read who they were and what they wrote and maybe even share this with their children!
3. Smart Nora
Well this is cool if you sleep with a snorer! This battery powered Nora can tell when one starts snoring and then pumps air into a pillow to get the snoror’s head and neck elevated to help them breathe easier and stop snoring!!!
I believe in this so much. Like, SO MUCH. A couple years ago I actually did this except I just used an old spaghetti sauce jar and post it’s haha. But I mean, this is a whole kit and it’s so pretty AND it’s approved so Oprah so it’s going on my list of favorite things. With this gratitude jar you jot down something you’re grateful for every day and at the end of the year you can go back a read about your year. ❤
This for all those who are constantly losing their wallet OR phone…ahem..Sonic? 😉 You download the Orbit app, and you put this card in your wallet. If you lose your wallet you can use the app to find your wallet since the card is a bluetooth tracker. And if you lose your phone or can’t find it at home, you press the button on this card and it makes your phone ring so you can find it!But if you lose both…SORRY! LOL
6. Bedtime Story Snurk Twin-Size Duvet Sets
 OMG HOW CUTE ARE THESE?! I don’t have any kids…but if i did…THESE would be perfect! They’re a pillow and duvet set that let them sleep and dream about what they want to be. They can be a mermaid, firefighter, ballerina, a soccer player, a dinosaur and astronaut…they’re ALL adorable. And perfect for a Christmas gift!
 Everyone needs a place to write thoughts, notes, random things…so why not get these notepads where you can write down an idea or thought every day of the year. It even has 365 inspiring quotes on each page!
8. This Amazing Air-Fryer Toaster Oven
WHAAAAAAAT?! Last Christmas everyone was raving about air fryers alone…an air fryer lets you fry food to a crisp with literally little to no oil. I actually got one for Christmas last year…BUT THIS YEAR Oprah had to one up us with the Air Fryer Toaster Oven….yes a 2 in one meaning- you save space and get to bake, broil, toast AND AIR FRY ALL IN ONE! Somebody buy this for me pleeeease?!!!
YESSSS THANK YOU. Everytime I buy herbs…they go bad almost immediately!!!! But now this herb preserve can keep those herbs fresh for up to two weeks!
10. Pint-Sized Cuties Baby Bodysuits
Baby fever much Tonya???? ❤ How sweet is this Christmas gift for the little baby in your life? These onesies come in pint size ice cream cartons and say things like “Future Is Female”, “Free Thinker”, “2 Scoops Of Cute” and more! ADORABLE!
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