Ways to Celebrate November’s Frost Moon

Each full moon has a name, usually associated with Native American tribes. November’s full moon is called the Frost Moon. It’s also called the Beaver Moon (too sexual) and a Mourning Moon (too ominous) so we’ll just continue to call it the Frost Moon.

The moon is so named for the cold season it ushers in, usually the time of first frost, though global warming may not let the moon live up to it’s moniker in all parts of our region.

The Frost Moon, which will crest at 1 a.m. on November 4th will be quite large, it is only a few degrees shy of being classified a Super Moon (that’s not a scientific term, by the way.)

Full moons occur cyclicly, once every 29 and a half days. The most famous or pop-culturally recognizable of these would be the Harvest Moon, which blazed across our sky on September 22.

Every two and a half years we have an extra moon, called a Blue Moon. The moon completes it’s cycle 11 days before the Earth finishes her orbit and the resulting surplus gives us this extra gem of a moon.

Here are a few ways we suggest you celebrate the Frost Moon or any full moon, really.

1. Recharge your Crystals

If you’re into gemstone therapy this is the time to drag those babies out and set em put to recharge. Believe, their light grows dim as they suck up all the negative energy emanating from you in your most spiritually exhausting moments. The best time to cleanse or charge your crystals is during a full moon and up to three days after it.

2. Create your vision board

Some people say that full moon vibrations lend power to manifestation. Get out the craft scissors it’s time to make that 2018 vision board.

3. Howl at it

The Native American Seneca tribe believe that wolves howled the moon into existence. Though there isn’t any real evidence to suggest that wolves howl more during any phase of the moon, there’s something incredibly satisfying about the thought of gathering all of your stress and your negative energy and even your nervous and positive energy and howling away at the Frost Moon’s giant orb.

4. Dance beneath it

Thailand is famous for it’s “Full Moon Parties” where people gather and drink buckets (literally buckets) of liquor while partying on the beach beneath the full moon. We don’t recommend that. We propose a more intimate affair. A few girlfriends, bare feet and a bottle of rosé. Dancing is a great way to replenish the spiritual well and what better time and place to do it than under the Frost Moon?




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