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Marvy J.’s Blog: Thanking My Favorite Veterans

Happy Veteran’s Day!

I have to admit, this holiday is incredibly important to me. Veterans TRULY make ultimate sacrifices. I have seen it firsthand. I have to say thank you to my favorite veterans:

img 6018 Marvy J.s Blog: Thanking My Favorite Veterans

My Dad, Retired First Class Fire Controlman of the United States Navy

img 6019 Marvy J.s Blog: Thanking My Favorite Veterans

My Mom, Retired First Class Electrician of the United States Navy

aaaaaaaaaeaeaeaeaeae Marvy J.s Blog: Thanking My Favorite Veterans

Yes, BOTH my Mom AND Dad each served  TWENTY YEARS in the United States Navy. Amazing, right? I think of my childhood and how it wasn’t always easy to have both of my parents in the military. Underway would send them away for weeks, Westpac would send them away on a ship for months—- sometimes we didn’t have Mom, sometimes we didn’t have Dad. I remember how tired they’d be sometimes after a long day. Yet they picked us up from school and they cooked for us. It was all out of love. Because my parents served in the military, me, my brother, and my sister were able to really live that “American Dream” everyone talks about. We were born in America, we were raised in San Diego, we received our education from elementary school to college. We have the freedom to live and choose. This is solely because of my Mom and Dad.

I always remind myself to be grateful for everything they’ve done for me and my siblings in order to make my life what it is today. Both of my parents came from the Philippines and joined the Navy for a better life. Nowadays a lot of people don’t even realize the hardship and struggle it must take to go from one country to a completely new one in order for a POSSIBILITY of a better life. And that’s JUST a possibility. My parents were blessed and made that possible for not only themselves, but their three kids. So I salute you, Mom and Dad, and ALL veterans for serving this country.

fam Marvy J.s Blog: Thanking My Favorite Veterans

If you see a Veteran this weekend, tell ’em thank you.



Keep slayin’,

Marvy J.

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