Tonya’s Tryday Friday: Bachata Dance Class

January 26, 2018

I absolutely love to dance. And, yes, of course, I LOVE to get down at the club...but I LOVE taking dance classes and learning choreography. I started dancing tap, ballet and) jazz when I was about 4-years old. I continued my dance education at the School of creative and performing arts (SCPA) at Chula Vista Jr. High (what what!!!!) and then carried on at Chula Vista High School. I stopped taking dance classes my Junior year in high school so that I could join show choir, Dream Girls, and Main Attraction - So I still danced, I just added some singing ;) After high school, I danced a little hip-hop and ballet at Mesa College, and then it ended --. I got busy, it got expensive...excuses, excuses...but I always tried to squeeze in some kind of dance class in my life when I could.

This is me in 7th grade at Chula Vista Junior High! Eeee!

Photo by Tonya Gonzales

I've done jazz, ballet, hip-hop, tap, Zumba...BUT NEVER BACHATA, AND I COULD'NT WAIT!!! I love Bachata music...and have always seen beautiful videos of people dancing to it, but I've never really known the basic bachata steps, until I went to Speranza Dance Studio in National City!!!! I met Jess and Mimi, both dance instructors at Speranza, and I decided to try a bachata class. I was RUSTY. Really tho...It was a bit of a challenge for me, but SO MUCH FUN. Also, everyone wears heels to this class, WHICH IS SO IMPRESSIVE. I had sneakers on, though. Hahahaha. But it was totally okay ;) Next time I'll have to bring some heels though!

Speranza Bachata ladies!

Photo by Tonya Gonzales

Bachata music originated in the Dominican Republic and it has a very loving, romantic and sensual sound so, yes, naturally, the moves, when you're dancing to bachata, are JUST LIKE THAT - Very expressive, very sensual, you touch your body, move your hips and really just let go and feel the music. I loved watching these ladies and learning from them, and I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK! They also offer, cumbia, salsa, hip hop, burlesque and more dance classes! Check them out!

Speranza Dance Studio in National City