Kobe Bryant Retirement Speech

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

[WATCH] Kobe Bryant's Jersey Retirement Speech

December 19, 2017

By Alexia I have been a huge basketball fan since I was a kid! My favorite player was, and still is, Allen Iverson. Iverson's all time rival was always Kobe Bryant and his Lakers. A.I. could never quite get past Kobe and his team alone, but he did come close to making those championship games between the Lakers and Sixers some of the greatest games ever played! Even though A.I. never got a ring, which I think he deserved, you can't deny the epicness that is Kobe Bryant! When Kobe graced the court, you were in awe, thinking 'did he just do that?!?' Such a talented basketball player, and no one liked him! This jersey retirement was well deserved! Congratulations Kobe!