Beto Perez

Is Mercury Retrograde, Real ?

  Today, I woke up super angry and not knowing why. I called my best friend to get a good laugh and she reminded me that were going thru a “Mercury Retrograde” and that this […]


Ordering Chicken To A New Level.

  This must be an awkward situation. So , in this case what do you do? I bet the chicken must be all that and a box of muffins.


Baby Bash, Frankie J Standing Tall With Dreamers

  H-town’s one and only Baby Bash connected with Frankie J to take a stand with Dreamers.   Premiering  Baby Bash & Frankie J’s new video “Candy Coated Dreamer.” Check the video out give thanks for all the great […]

Energy 103.7–12/01/2017

Rap History – SNL MUST WATCH

  This has so many points, I LOVE IT! One of my favorite SNL shows this year. What do you think ?  

Energy 103.7–11/21/2017

Mother Finds A Needle In Her Kid’s Halloween Candy!

Why would anyone do this ?


The Best Way To Quit Your Job

The Best Way To Quit Your Job!

Energy 103.7–10/30/2017

Ryan Anthony Reppin’ the 619

Ryan Anthony reppin’ every set in this new video ” Legend” I respect the hustle. Salute my homie! Ryan Anthony always coming with the bangers below are a few more:    

Energy 103.7–10/24/2017

9 States Will Now Ask For Passport Even Flying In The U.S

9 States Will Now Ask For Passport Even Flying In The U.S

Energy 103.7–10/23/2017

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