WATCH: Sonic Cries like a BABY!!!!!!

Sonic had to hold a snake (which he hates), and kiss a girl, and eat Balut.  ALL STRANGE THINGS to celebrate Strange Things Season 2 that just came out on Netflix.

Energy 103.7–11/01/2017

[LISTEN] The Truth About Sonic

It was Sonic’s turn to reveal one of his secrets and things got a bit awkward in the studio

Energy 103.7–08/15/2017

About Sonic

Sonic is always down to Earth and always up for a party!

Energy 103.7–08/03/2017

BREAKING: Explosions Reported outside Ariana Grande’s Concert in Manchester (VIDEO)

Uhmmmm.  Wow.  This is developing.  Reports of fatalities and injuries outside a concert venue where Ariana Grande was performing in Manchester.  Come back for the developments.  Prayers out to the victims and their famalies.  SO […]

Energy 103.7–05/22/2017

Brawl Breaks Out On Flight From Tokyo to L.A. (VIDEO)

The guy yelled, “America!” in between throwing blows.

Energy 103.7–05/02/2017

Did DRAKE get this IG Model Pregnant???? That is what she claims.

Is Layla Lace Drizzy’s baby mamma?

Energy 103.7–04/18/2017

Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper MAKE OUT SESH!!!!! (WATCH)

Do these costars seem a little too friendly?

Energy 103.7–04/18/2017

Do you have any SPRING BREAK tips for Spring Breakers headed to San Diego??? WATCH THIS

Went out to PB and Mission Beach yesterday.  Caught up with some Spring Breakers and locals and got their opinions on some Spring Break topics.  WELCOME TO SAN DIEGO!!!  Much Love…

Energy 103.7–03/31/2017

VIDEO: Called My Japanese Grandmother on FB LIVE. She is hilarious!!!!

Called Oba, she was making Sushi.  Hahhahahaahaha She has her “38th” Birthday coming up too.  Happy Birthday, OBA!!!!!

Energy 103.7–03/28/2017

Nicole Richie RAPS with Big Sean!!! #Bars

Nicole Richie is one of my favs

Energy 103.7–03/15/2017

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