One Night Stand With Zedd: The AfterglowWe hope that all of our listeners had as great a time as we did! 
AJ's Kids Crane 2016 - Day 2 RecapGary Spivey came out to lend some of his psychic prowess to the crowd!
This Week in Pop Cultue: Lemonade, Visions and More
Relive This Week in Pop Culture -- A Recap for the Time Strapped let us catch you up with all the thrilling, sparkly, meme and trend worthy things that happened this week while you weren't looking.
One Night Stand with Duke Dumont: The AfterglowDuke Dumont killed it with a 90-minute set!
'Penny Dreadful' Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Welcome to the JungleIf you thought Lily Frankenstein was a bit crazy last week, this week was on another level.
'True Detective' Season 2, Episode 1 Recap: The Slow Burn and the Dead BodyTrue Detective fans take note: Season two is not the same show. The cast is different, and it does not begin with a bang. Instead, it's a slow burn.
'iZombie' Recap Episode 11: Is This the Real Life?Eating a mentally unstable brain wrecks havoc on Liv's grip on reality.
Mad Men Series Finale Recap: There's Always The Real ThingSo, where do we go now? The characters of Mad Men shed their past and look to the future—plus, There's Always Coca Cola (TM).
‘Penny Dreadful’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: 'Scream For Me'In episode 3 of the second season of Penny Dreadful, Vanessa Ives reveals how she learned witchcraft from the Cut-Wife (played by Patti LuPone).
'iZombie' Episode 9 Recap: The Demands of the Zombie 1%Do you watch the new CW series 'iZombie'? has recaps of every episode so far. This week, we explore the question: what would you eat if you were a zombie with an unlimited budget?
AJ's Bachelor Recap 01/14

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