[PICS] Dorothy's Vietnam Vacation!!!We saw a lot, ate a lot, and made a lot of memories!!! My first visit to Vietnam was so amazing!!
From Hot Sauce to Cash Flow -- Travel Cuba Like a Pro
'Vacation' Puts the Griswolds Back on the RoadGet ready to head down holiday road, because the Vacation franchise is being relaunched for a new generation
Dorothy's Blog: April 22, 2014- I'm Back from Hawaii!!! (PICS)
[PICS] Lady Gaga's Back In Shape!
My Cancun Trip!
Rihanna Tweets Her European Vacation With Bikinis EverywhereShe's on a boat! With Magic Johnson! And is Chris Brown lurking around in the background?
You Voted: Katy Perry's Ideal Vacation
10 Places Katy Perry Should Vacation
Tweet Beat: Trippin' With Rihanna, Coldplay, Foster The People, Carly Rae Jepsen And More
Britney Spears Spotted Vacationing In San Francisco

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